We have no doubt that Novitus NEXT is certainly the right choice for you. However, if you still hesitate and you have not been convinced yet, take a look at the below list of advantages and benefits that you gain from the purchase of NEXT. Now you have no doubt.
intuitive sales software easy to learn, quick cash register programming no problems with operating it by your staff, quick implementation
customizable sales screen cashier has functions he/she needs clear sales screen and fast customer service
invoicing function trouble-free service you do not draw up invoices manually and you do not need to purchase an additional printer
function of "pausing" receipts ability to serve several customers simultaneously efficient customer service in every situation
registers of cancelled receipts and cancelled items control of cashier's attempts to cheat no losses and thefts by dishonest cashiers
easy receipt edition and functions for cashiers easy and fast sales and customer service convenience for cashiers, satisfied customers
sales reports with printing function monitoring of sales, control of business easy and fast control of business, clear information
PLU and trading partners databases edition easy management, creation and edition of databases in the cash register high efficiency of daily work
automatic updates free updates providing additional functionality new functionality for your business, no problems with updating to the changing legal rules
free archiving you will not lose any data no problems and costs of data loss
free preview of daily reports via the Internet you can monitor sales from anywhere in the world no need to have another report from your store
ready to connect to NoviCloud ability to take advantage of the professional system business development without large investment spending
cutting-edge retail technology there is nothing better or newer today long-term investment without the need for change
more expensive than others but the best one one of a kind, unique, luxurious you have an unique solution, which is suitable for you
relatively cheap in comparison to what it offers favorable price/quality ratio money well spent
robust and fast quick work and operation more customers satisfied with faster customer service
3 in 1 solution in a single device you have: POS based on Android tablet, friendly sales application, fiscal printer small investment in the great solution
hardware and software from the same manufacturer full compatibility of the comprehensive solution it brings certainty of stable and trouble-free operation forever
solid construction it provides continuous work no repair and downtime costs
many connectors and interfaces you can connect all the peripherals no need to change peripherals while operating
modern design, two colors eye-catching, attractive look you increase prestige of your company
waterproof keyboard no damage by accidental liquid spills no additional repair costs
mechanical keyboard you can operate your cash register in a traditional way easy to use for cashiers who do not like changes
database without limits NEXT can contain any PLU database you do not need to replace your cash register in the future
large, readable touch screen convenient operation with your fingers satisfied cashiers provide more efficient customer service
high-speed printing mechanism with paper cutter no waste of time waiting for printing completion, you do not struggle with receipts convenience of cashiers' work
touch screen and traditional keyboard dual functionality, ease of use quick training for all cashiers
fully functional tablet you can use this cash register like a regular tablet even after the fiscal work completion, it can be used like a tablet
Android system well-known to smartphone users save time on learning
developmental functionality it develops along with your business possibility of additional earnings in the future
functional Android Apps, e.g. email ability to send and receive emails fast internal communication and communication with customers, sending receipts and invoices
functional Android Apps, e.g. Internet fast access to information on the Internet no need to buy another equipment for the Internet access
third-party applications extensive functionality, NEXT gives you more possibility of using another applications for your business
NoviCloud system sales monitoring, business control control your business without having to invest your money via the Internet