The touch screen and the traditional keyboard allow you to operate NEXT as you like. The Japanese printing mechanism with paper cutter provides super-fast printing, operational convenience and reliability. A wide range of communication interfaces allows you to connect any peripheral device you need in your professional point of sales. You have access to your business data from any place in the world. Novitus NEXT is the best cash register, we have made for 22 years of our history. The colour of its case is a matter of taste - you can choose its black or white version.
PLU no limit the maximum quantity of articles that can be programmed in the database
departments no limit the number of departments, to which articles can be grouped together to make statistical reports for individual assortments (bread, alcohol, dairy products, vegetables, etc.)
PLU name 40 characters the maximum length of names of articles or services that can be programmed in the database
linked codes no limit the number of additional bar codes that can be programmed to those already programmed in the database (eg. different flavors of the same yogurt, chocolate, etc.)
linked articles no limit the maximum number of pairs of articles linked in such a way that if the first article is sold, the cash register sells automatically the second one
online buffer no limit the maximum number of receipt lines that can be stored in the cash register memory before receiving sales data in a PC
cashiers no limit the number of cashiers /salesmen that can be programmed in the cash register. Everyone is identified by their name and password
access rights yes a function that provides access control. The cash register can be operated only by programmed cashiers
discounts / surcharges yes the cash register enables you to give percentage/amount discounts and surcharges. They can be given both for a specific receipt item and for the total of the entire receipt
limited-time discounts no limit discounts can be programmed in such a way that they can be given at certain times of the day
units of measure no limit units of measure can be assigned to PLU on receipts: piece, kg, m, packaging, etc.
formats of weighted codes no limit the cash register allows you to define various formats of weighted codes, depending on labeling scales
discount card formats any the cash register can handle any type of discount cards, on the basis of which it gives discounts or registers sales for a loyalty system
returnable packaging no limit the maximum number of different types of returnable packaging (different price) to be programmed in the cash register database
tandems (article + packaging) no limit the maximum number of links between articles and packaging. Sales of a linked article entails automatic sales of linked packaging (eg. beer + returnable bottle)
payment forms cash, payment card, voucher, money transfer, foreign currency + payment forms freely definable by users, deactivation of unused ones the number of payment forms. A cashier can close a receipt by registering a payment form, in which a customer pays for articles sold. Each payment form is calculated separately on cash balance reports and cashier reports
VAT rates 7 the number of different tax rates, in which the cash register sells goods (23%, 8%, 5%, 0%, etc.)
number of receipt items 255 the maximum number of items, which can be register in a single receipt
second currency yes the main currency in the cash register can be changed. The main currency is a currency, in which sales is registered and VAT is calculated. NEXT also allows you to program an additional currency, into which the receipt total will be converted
electronic journal uSD card a card type (medium), to which electronic copies of receipts are recorded
order printer orders can be printed both by NEXT and 3 peripheral printers connected via RS232 or Ethernet orders can be printed both during "pausing" a receipt and during fiscalising a receipt. Each of PLU can be assigned to a selected order printer
type Fujitsu type of printing mechanism installed in the cash register
paper cutter yes when printing is finished, the receipt will be cut automatically by the paper cutter
number of characters in a line 42 number of characters printed in one receipt line by the cash register
paper roll width 57 the width of paper ribbons, on which receipts and reports are printed by the cash register
printing speed 16 lines/sec number of text lines that the cash register prints within 1 second
paper roll length 60 m maximum length of paper rolls, which can be placed in the cash register
operator display 7 inches TFT color screen, 800x480 pixels 7 inches TFT color screen, Full Viewing Angle, 1280x480 pixels the type and size of the display, on which the cash register displays messages for a cashier, who operates it
customer display graphic, backlit, black and white 4x22 LCD, 132x32 pixels the type and size of the display, on which the cash register displays messages for a customer while shopping
keyboard type mechanical (switch-based) keyboard and touch screen the type of the keyboard mounted in the cash register. For example, mechanical (switch-based), rubber, silicone, foil, etc.
number of keys 20 mechanical keys + touch screen total number of keys to operate the cash register
quick sale keys / function keys 85 - on the touch screen and 12 - on the mechanical keyboard number of keys that can be programmed as shortcuts to sales of certain goods, programmed in the cash register, or shortcuts to specific (e.g. frequently used) functions in the cash register menu
keyboard protection chiclet, splash-resistant protections of your keyboard from dirt, liquid spills, dust, etc.
RS232 3 x RS232 2 x RS232 number of RS232 communication interfaces, through which peripheral devices can be connected
USB 1 x USB (dual) number of USB communication interfaces, through which a PC can be connected
USB host 1 x (barcode scanner, USB stick, USB keyboard) Next PRO: 2 x (barcode scanner, USB stick, USB keyboard) number of USB communication interfaces, through which devices of 'client' type can be connected (barcode scanner, USB stick, USB keyboard)
LAN 1 x (PC, EFT, monitoring) number of LAN ethernet interfaces - a network card as in PCs
WiFi no (optionally) 1x (PC, NoviCloud, Cash terminal, monitoring, order printer) WiFi module which provides wireless internet access
other interfaces 1 x HDMI, 1 x Audio 1 x Audio -
Communication with CRK LAN port (optionally: WiFi or GSM) LAN port, WiFi (optionally: GSM) Method of communication of cash register with Ministry of Finance servers
sash drawer passive one, 6-24 V types of cash drawers, which are operated by the cash register
peripheral devices PC: RS232/USB/LAN, barcode reader: RS232, USB, scales: RS232, multiplexer, EFT terminal (RS232,LAN), pin pad, monitoring, GPRS modem, USB keyboard, USB stick list of devices, with which the cash register can communicate through its communication interfaces and which are provided in the cash register working program
PSU 230V / 12V / 2A input and output voltage of the PSU and current efficiency
battery 6V, 3Ah (40,000 lines, 2 500 receipts) parameters of a battery installed in the cash register and used during emergency work of the device
width: (mm) 262 -
depth: (mm 242 -
height: (mm) 96 -
weight: (kg) 1,8 -
Depends on the application working in the computer module of NEXT
on-line work with a PC capability of continuous operation of the cash register and simultaneous programming, receipt of sales data, etc. Capability to receive each printed receipt to the computer program immediately after its completion
simultaneous operation of several applications from a PC the cash register allows several applications from a PC to run simultaneously, communicating via LAN connection (e.g. programming and receiving sales data, payment application, etc.)
buyer's tax ID on receipts a cashier can enter buyer's tax ID on each receipt so that he/she can settle the receipt (up to the amount of PLN 450) as an invoice
graphic logo in the receipt header Each of printed receipts may have a graphic logo in its header in addition to the name and address of the seller
graphic in the receipt footer the cash register can print additional graphics (e.g. Christmas one) below the fiscal receipt content
reminder of daily report the cash register reminds you of your statutory obligation to make the daily Z-report at the latest before you start selling the next day
reminder of service inspection the cash register may remind its user of the forthcoming date of the statutory service inspection to enable him/her to report this fact to a service technician in advance
VAT rates programming with activation date new VAT rates can be pre-programmed by specifying a date from which they should apply. The cash register changes VAT rates to pre-programmed ones on the specific day
Export / import data (base, configuration) to USB flash drive NEXT can store all its configuration and PLU database on a uSD card or USB flash drive, plugged in the cash register. These data can also be imported to this cash register or to another one
Reading of the last receipt to a PC the cash register operates special control orders allowing for quick reading of the last completed fiscal receipt to a PC
DHCP The cash register connected to the Ethernet network can load IP addresses and configuration from a DHCP server running on the network. These addresses can also be programmed manually
Function of price checkers you can check a price of each programmed product by reading its code with a scanner
WiFi modules TP-Link TL-WN725N v2 (gold connector),
Edimax EW-7811Un N150 NANO v2 (gold connector)
GSM Modems Huawei E3131, Huawei E3372 LTE